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Kyla & Justice

Kyla is a hella creative, witty, and driven young woman on a journey to complete happiness. With a mysterious, laidback, introverted demeanor, Kyla is intrigued by stimulating conversations and the workings of others thought processes (hence her psychology degree). Known to shed a tear or two while watching almost ANYTHING and being FIERCELY passionate about her loved ones and goals, you get the best of both worlds with Kyla; a Sensitive Savage if you will. As a co-host of The Extra Regular. Podcast and imaginative creator, Kyla is intertwining her passions of helping others and creating, one word and creation at a time. 


Justice is a goofy, sarcastic, innocent shade throwing, old soul. She has a song in her heart for every occasion and is committed to lifelong learning in all things. A true empath and firm believer in channeling good energy, Justice does her best to meet folks where they are. A little too serious at times, she’s your modern day Moesha.

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